I started my rough draft last night and am still working on it now, just trying to polish it before class. It definitely needs revision, but I’m finding that its pretty easy to put my information into words. I’ve spent so long going over all this topic that I know most everything by heart, its mostly just frustrating trying to go back and find a page I forgot to write down. I initially thought that 7 pages would be a problem, but having started to write, I think I might actually run over. Back to work…

Hey Ben, i haven’t seen you around yet, so I’ll just ask: Where did you find (if you did) that women from Carlisle weren’t allowed to live in Lloyd?

I don’t normally do outlines before I write a paper, and if I do they are pretty loose. Especially with this project, I need to write the paper before I can e sure about my conclusions. But anyway, here is my tentative outline and tentative thesis.

I. Intro
- basic facts about co-education
- Thesis: Dickinson College devoted little energy towards maintaining, coordinating, or optimizing housing for women, and when they did act it only after much complaint.

II. Prior to Lloyd
-    Low article
o    Little help from college
o    Mention of Metzger which has nice rooms
o    Girl friend who lives with family friends
-    Morgan history
o    The decision to board women
o    Women are delicate, need new provisions
-    Chronicles about Lloyd renovations
o    For women only
III. Lloyd Problems
-    College Catalogues
o    Women required to live in Lloyd
o    Have to pay different fees
-    Bursk Essay 1905
o    Lloyd is unsatisfactory
o    Girls need better, suggestions
o    Trustee Minutes: women petition for better living conditions
o    Trustee Minutes: need to renovate Lloyd before sale
IV. Statistics and Summary of Such
-    most women live elsewhere (compare prices here)
-    no consistently used boarding houses for women ( mention exceptions
o    brother and sister? Sisters?
-    most women, especially early on, live with people who share same last name…
-    no girl from Carlisle lived in Lloyd
V. Conclusions
- Lloyd was not nice and college didn’t renovate it or help girls find other housing
-was Dickinson trying to make the college unappealing to women
- more conclusions to come…

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