I am coming to the end of my research for statistics and highlights from the women of the class of 1907. It turns out that 6 out of 8 new members to Phi Beta Kappa in 1907 were women!!! Also, I finally found a picture of the women’s bball team in the 1905 microcosm. I can confidently come to the conclusion that it was a club team but did not exist past that date. The next time a women’s bball photo emerges in the yearbook is in 1924 when the first women’s varsity sport was created. The women of this class made great contributions to Dickinson College.

Intro: Co-education class of 1907

Thesis: Despite academic competition from the male population and not having access to all of the organizations offered on campus, the women of the class of 1907 made the most of their time spent at Dickinson College.

What is the point of the project?
-To understand the motives of the admissions in letting women enroll in Dickinson and to see what the women did once they were enrolled
-Analyze extra-curricular activities
-Want to know if women took advantage of what was offered
-To see if anything stands out from the class of 1907
-To give a statistical review of the women of the class of 1907

Admissions Statistics


Positions held by the women

Prizes and Highlights

Closing Remarks / Findings

My research in the archives is going well so far. I have made statistics for the women of the class of 1907 in the areas of regions, organizations, and prizes. Interestingly enough, the valedictorian for the class of 1907 was a woman!!! I am still searching for a list of approved Dickinson Prep schools and an actual entrance exam. The Dickinson Catalogue lists the criteria for the exam, but it would be interesting to see an actual one. I am also planning on looking at the applications again to make statistics about areas of study that the women were interested in. Good luck to everyone.

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