i am almost finished writing my rough draft and i am feeling a bit unhappy with it. while my final project revolves around the picture i have gathered from what i have read about the women of the HLS, via the salmagundi, i feel like my perceptoin of them has not translated well through this draft. i guess thats why it is considered a first draft. i also wish archives was open on weekends since i forgot to write down page numbers and group numbers so my citations are not complete. in general, i will have a lot of fine tuning to do for my second draft, but thankfully i do not seem to have a problem generating the required 7 pages, seeing as i have gone over that.

i was hoping to get feedback from anyone/everyone on a the matter of citation. i admittedly have a massive problem with over citing things because i am utterly terrified of being accused of plagiarism thanks to my AP English teacher, among many other teachers/professors. so in terms of our paper, what would be considered common knowledge? im using morgans version of dickinsons history in my intro to discuss the beginnings of coeducation, but how often should i cite that information.  any thoughts are VERY welcome. good luck all

thesis: The Harman Literary Society and its publication, the Salmagundi, served as a reaction to the ardently patriarchal education system while providing insight into the female experience with co-education at Dickinson College.Outline

    1. Historical Background
    1. Brief discussion of coeducation (Sellers- Dickinson: A History).
    1. Discussion of Literary Societies (Union Philosophical Society, and Belles Lettres).
    1. Harman Literary Society
    1. Background/ information on its founding (Dickinson Chronicles)
    2. Comparison to male literary societies on campus (Dickinson Chronicles).
    3. Discuss similarities and differences between Constitutions of HLS, UPS, and BL (respective Constitutions of the aforementioned organizations).
    4. Discuss how meetings were run in HLS (HLS minutes and Constitution).
    1. The female experience with co-education via the Salmagundi
    1. Discuss and analyze the pre-selected stories from the 1904 publication.
    2. Discuss and analyze the pre-selected stories from the 1906 publication.
    3. Discuss and analyze pre-selected stories from the 1908 publication.
    4. Analyze the “typical” HLS member
    1. Conclusion
    1. Discuss the history of HLS from roughly 1910-1935 when it ended (Dickinson Chronicles/ Minutes of HLS).
    1. Discuss influence of HLS
    1. McIntyre Society
    1. Summarize co-education experience, HLS, and its members.

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