right now I am just working on my rough draft. Weirdly though as I was looking back my outline did not post when I tried to on tuesday. Not sure what happened there I definately saw it on the page and now its gone. I don’t think any one really needs it  but here it is again

Intro:     Discuss the history and importance of the class of 1907. Discuss reasons why coeducation was founded at the college and what the college hoped to gain from the program. As I move forward I will discuss the goals that the college had for the program with its implementation ( in terms of what women would get from it)  I will then present my thesis

Thesis: Women at Dickinson college were likely evaluated with different standards when applying to the school when compared to the male peers. Things like location and and amount of allowed students were different for the two genders. This should also be considered important because it made for very proactive women who often felt oppressed.
Methodology: Discuss how the research was composed and why it supports the ideas behind the thesis.

Results: Show the results that were drawn from the research including various minutes complied from lloyd hall ( the women’s), the application process, and various protests that were  conducting regarding the living situations of the campus to show that women were not treated as equals.


My outline is almost finished and its composition wasn’t too hard. Interestingly my oultine is broken up into seperate sections like a lab report. I have an intro with my thesis then I present the data and then show how my data proves my thesis in a data analysis section  and after conclude. I hope this is the right way of going about this…

I am finishing my biographical project and have found it to be a nice culmination of all the works that I have done thus far this semester. I haven’t found to many things for the project that I had not seen before spring break. Never the less I thought the project was challenging. Tomorrow I will be going to the archives to continue my research on regional origin of women in the class for my paper.

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