It is coming along. I think what I have is pretty good. Should be interesting to see where everyone else in the class is at.

Also, the archives are air conditioned. This is maybe one of the few times I have really enjoyed spending a large amount of time in here.

So this is what I have. It is for the most part complete. I would like to find one more piece of evidence from an early figure who supported coeducation. Right now my best lead is William Neill. Otherwise I think I have enough for this paper.

Not exactly how this should look but here is what I put together:

I.  Introduction-Main Arguments

·         Coeducation was inevitable at Dickinson College

·         Many early Influential figures of the college supported female education or had positive beliefs on the subject

·         By 1876, Dickinson College was ready to implement Coeducation

o   President McCauley was a supporter of coeducation

o   Most of the trustees and faculty supported coeducation

o   The administrative process that led to coeducation at Dickinson precipitated smoothly.

Tentative Thesis: Coeducation was inevitable at Dickinson College because of the support it had among the founders and influential figures of the college and the belief of the trustees at the time of inception that coeducation provided an advantage intellectually and morally to both sexes.

II. The Abstract of Female Education

·         Benjamin Rush “Thoughts Upon Female Education” (1787)

·         Merritt Caldwell “Commencement Address” (1835)

·         William Neill?

III. The Abstract to Reality

·         Background and ideals of President James Andrew McCauley

·         Other colleges implementing coeducation

·         Trustee and Faculty involvement and support

IV. Implementation Process

·         Board of Trustee Minutes

·         Faculty Minutes

·         President Reports

·         June 28, 1876-September 10, 1884

V. Conclusions

I went to the archives earlier and found some pretty good evidence on the earlier figures of the college and their opinions on the college. I already had Rush and now I found a commencement speech from Merritt Caldwell that supported Coeducation. My body of evidence is growing and i have laid out my arguments for the project. I really haven’t produced a thesis but I can see that the process of formulating one is coming along gradually.

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