Over the weekend I continued writing my rough draft.  Although I have done enough research, I feel as though what I have in my paper does not equate to the time I put into the research.  Some my frustrations have come from the Archives not being opened over the weekend, so I have spent a lot of time trying to make my citations and sources as accurate as possible.  I actually decided to take out or informally cite throughout for the rough draft because I think it is taking away from its quality.  As I want to write about my personal investigation of Lloyd Hall, it has been difficult to remember and recite the procedure i went through in finding the actual house number. In the long run, I think it will be more beneficial for me to go to the archives early tomorrow and make these clarifications and then write as much as possible for this draft tomorrow.


Presence of women on campus around 1907 as well as President Reed’s task of developing the college financially, co-ed, religion

Thesis: Although the women of Dickinson College lived seemingly separate lives then men, Lloyd Hall provided them with the proper environment to allow a happy and successful college experience.

Par I: History of Lloyd Hall. My findings from the courthouse ect.

Par II: Lloyd Hall: The building itself, the grounds and its furnishings

ParIII: Administration’s Take on Women in L.H.

Par IV: Life within L.H.

Par V: Life after the women left the building…?

After spending some time at the courthouse last week, on Friday I used the archives to keep looking up information about what life was like inside ladies hall.  I thought the best way to do this would be to look through the Dickinsonians for those years, but I did not find as much as I wanted.  Nate told me that there was some good information in the 1899 Dickinsonian and that helped further my research.  I started to think about my outline and getting it together, but I feel like I still have some more research to do before I start filtering out information.  Or maybe I need to just keep moving forward…? If anyone has any suggestions of a good source to use for what life might have been like let me know.  Thanks.

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