Archive - Digital Photo Summer 05

Blue Glow, taken in Digital Photography class.

Brendan Kent

This is an actual image, being that the basketball net is in front of the mountain. I altered it by changing the Hue/Saturation and the contrast. It brought the colors out a lot more which I really like in this image. Also, the idea that it doesn’t seem like an actual image is neat.

This picture was taken at Kimmel Center right after the Philadelphia Orchestra concert. It was interesting to see how many people came to see the concert, and how fast they got out of the Verizon Hall, where the concert was held. I knew there were many people, but it amazed me when I actually saw them outside the hall – I liked how the picture came out as well. I did not do anything with the Photoshop. I named the picture “Life. Rushing.” to depict the imagery of a city life which is usually busy and full of rushing for something.

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