This is an actual image, being that the basketball net is in front of the mountain. I altered it by changing the Hue/Saturation and the contrast. It brought the colors out a lot more which I really like in this image. Also, the idea that it doesn’t seem like an actual image is neat.

This is Bill…I really got nothin’ for ya on this one other than this image makes Bill look a lot cooler than he really is. He’s really not very interesting in real life so I’m doing him a HUGE favor by posting this image. That’s right. I’m real good. Now you look cool Bill. You can thank me later.

This is an image of an angel headstone from behind. I took this image late at night around 3:30/4ish in the morning. Once again I was without a tripod so I was lying on the ground and trying my best to hold the camera still. I think the colors came out much better without a flash then they do with. The maroon, purple, and red hue is really neat in this image. The white light coming up from the bottom is from my car headlights. I also added a grain filter and adjusted the contrast because the image in its raw state is very grainy.

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