This picture was taken at Kimmel Center right after the Philadelphia Orchestra concert. It was interesting to see how many people came to see the concert, and how fast they got out of the Verizon Hall, where the concert was held. I knew there were many people, but it amazed me when I actually saw them outside the hall – I liked how the picture came out as well. I did not do anything with the Photoshop. I named the picture “Life. Rushing.” to depict the imagery of a city life which is usually busy and full of rushing for something.

This is the picture of the Sri Venkateswara Temple (S.V. Temple), the largest Hindu temple in the western Pennsylvania and surrounding region. It is located just east of Pittsburgh in Penn Hills, and one can observe the temple from the highway that connects the suburb and the city. I got a chance to visit here during my trip to Pittsburgh, and was astonished by uniqueness and colorfulness of Hinduism traditions. With this picture of the facade, I posterized the image so one can get a feeling of looking at painting, not a real landscape.

This is an edited photo of the view of Nazare, a seaside resort town in western Portugal. I especially like this picture because it gives not only an amazing view but also two different kinds of what we call “blue.” Thinking of a travel poster, I cloned some parts of the image and made an imaginary scene. I gave a poster effect by going to the filter gallery. After all the embellishments, I liked how the final result came out.

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