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I don’t really have a favorite poet, but my favorite poem, “The Invitation,” is written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It’s about being true to who you are, which I think is important, especially to people our age.

I view poetry as the ability to take the mundane qualities of life and transform them into something beautiful, and no poet does that better than Lord Alfred Tennyson. His poem “Flower in the crannied wall” is an excellent example of this. It speaks of a simple flower in the wall and yet manages to convey far deeper meanings. The structure and rythme of Tennyson’s works is another reason why he is my favorite poet. I enjoy the simple rhyme schemes which most of his poems have in them. Also all of his poems have a pleasing rhythm. Another amazing ability Tennyson has is story telling which he uses in his more lengthy poems. Many of his poems contain complex and interesting stories, for example his many works about King Arthur and his court. Mostly though I enjoy the way in which Tennyson views the world and the imagery he uses to convey that vision. Tennyson is my favorite poet because he has a beautifully romantic vision of the world and I enjoy looking at things through his eyes.

An so I leave you with piece of my favorite poem by Tennyson
“Tears Idle Tears”

Ah, sad and strange as in dark summer dawns
The earliest pipe of half-awakened birds
To dying ears, when unto dying eyes
The casement slowly grows a glimmering square;
So sad, so strange, the days that are no more.

A poet is one who can uniquely express himself in a way so honest that it moves the stranger reading his poetry.
Not only does he write eloquently but he also writes with an identifying mark of himself. I find this mark in the works of e. e. cummings. A man so expressly unique in his poetry that even his written name defies the laws of grammar.

E. e. cummings became my favorite poet when I sat in English class, looked down at my textbook, and thought that there must have been a missprint. I was wrong. What I saw was the fingerprint of a genius in a work of poetry. The gift that cummings had was the twisting of words and phrases. By breaking up words and defying all rules of grammar, cummings was able to express himself even more clearly in his writings.

His greatness was not through a perfect iambic pentameter or a flawless Petrarchan sonnet; it was through how honestly he expressed his thoughts. His works are listed among the names of Browning, Longfellow, and Coleridge; but his poetry is what stands out markedly different from them all. That difference was his perfection.

for prodigal read generous
–for youth read age–
read for sheer wonder mere surprise
(then turn the page)

contentment read for ecstasy
–for poem prose–
caution for curiosity
(and close your eyes)
– e. e. cummings (1894- 1962)

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