August Greetings from your seminar professor and advisor. During our course What is Literature? we will be communicating with each other with blogs.

What you should know about blogs:

1. Everything you write is public and available on the web. This means that someone can google your name now or in the future and see your blog posts. This means that a living author may view your criticism, or a future employer may find your blog during a reference check, and lest we forget, your mother. This is the first step in preparing you as an educated individual for the responsibilities and rewards of speaking to a wider audience.

2. It’s easy. Your username and password will be sent to you via email. You can login using the link aptly named “login” to the right. Then click on the Write tab at the top, enter a Title and a Post, then click Publish.

3. Let’s get started. Write a post telling us all who your favorite poet is and why. Check out eserver and you may find your poet and poem.