Alright, so I didn’t have time before I left to properly set up my blog, introduce myself, et cetera before I left and now I’ve been in the UK five days.

Any way my name is Matt Jones and I’m and English and History major. I’m spending the month before school starts at the University of East Angla in London doing research into various aspects of London’s historical contexts. Interesting topics this week includs researching the prostitution industry and following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper.

In case any of you are woried that my time in the British capital is not being properly spent on the more cultural aspects and offerings of the city, rest easy; I have seen many of the favourite sites (including some particularly famous pubs) and was yesterday at the British Museum and saw a very interesting production of “the Tempest” at the re-built Globe. I’ll post my pictures later but my time at the internet cafe is nearly up.