Julie N Fa05

I just attended a performance of King Lear at the Half Moon Theatre here in Cork.
It was amazing!!
The members of the local Janus Theatre Company truly brought this
Shakespearean tragedy to vigorous life in all its joys and sorrows.
The costumes were simple yet detailed enough that each character could be distinct(several of the actors played different characters simultaneously).
The acting was splendid!
John O’Flynn admirably, humorously, and poignantly led the cast as the crazed King Lear. And Stephen Wyley gave a stirring and terrifying performance as the betrayed Duke of Gloucester whose eyes are put out by the King’s daughters and persecuters.
The other members of the cast were extemely versatile, at times needing to act like the
King’s enemies; at others, his protectors; become or make simulations of stormy weather or dramatic battles. Their stamina, if nothing else, is praiseworthy, since the play in its
entirety is an exhausting two and a half hours! It was emotionally-draining enough just
to be in the audience!
I went not knowing what to expect, but this was Theatre at its finest!

Oh dear, I feel like I’m on Amazon.com – “See all my reviews, etc.” :)

Guess that wraps things up for this post.

Hope all are having a grand semester!

Slán go fhoil!

~ Julie :)

And ah, yes, it is indeed Fri. 15 October here in Cork. . .
this post may be slightly overdue.

Sat. 27 August 05

I’m looking out my window at St Fin Barre’s cathedral as I type this. Yep, now I’m in Cork City, Ireland.
Had a fairly good day today so far. Went on a shopping expedition to the English Market downtown, comparing prices with Dunne’s grocery. Also went shopping at Penney’s, bought a winter coat for 11 euro and a Cork flag for 3 – all their clothes seem much more well-made and very, very much less expensive than in the U.S. Used my credit card for the first time there and withdrew from my money card for the first time (just HAD to chronicle this important incident).
Also, drank more tea at the Gingerbread House in one day than I have probably in all the rest of my life.
Today my flatmates and I put together a spaghetti dinner and salad all ourselves, complete with peppers, broccoli and mushrooms! We took pictures ’cause we were so excited!
And hopefully, I will actually be attending a choral eucharist Sunday in St.Finbarre’s gorgeous cathedral.

Now for 14 October. . .

I’m enjoying classes at University College Cork so far.
Registration for classes was a few days ago even though we did start three weeks ago at the end of September. Slightly different system. . .
I’m currently taking classes (they’re called “modules” here) in Irish dramatic literature, Irish mythological literature, Anglo-Saxon culture/literature, Old English language, and the modern Irish language.

Hopefully, my next post will be less lengthy (and confusing) and more notable.

Hope everyone’s semester is going well!

Slán abhaile! :)