Hey all! Here in London and having a blast!! I don’t have too much free time to update this right now (and I’ll have pictures to put on when I actually get to UEA at the end of September). Our source of Internet right now is through Internet Cafe’s, which is about a pound and hour to use the computer (roughly $2 American). But know that I am well and am working oh-so-hard for this course (doing presentations, researching the history of London and the like). On top of that, we’re doing a lot of cultural things – going to museums, plays (seeing the Tempest at the Globe Theatre was awesome!!!). A lot of walking, too. So there’s not a lot right now for me to write, but hopefully after this month in London is done, I’ll have time to update this with anecdotes about our time spent in the city.
And, I just have to say, after being here for a week, I feel like I have lived here for years…it’s such a wonderful city, and if you have the means, I definitely recommend a visit!

Bye for now!

Well, the flight to London leaves in just a little under two weeks, and I’m spending this time at home getting everything prepared and saying my final goodbyes to friends and family. I’ll keep this updated with fun and interesting things throughout the year (as well as pics!!).