Well, Here I am in Santo Domingo, probably one of the craziest cities on earth! I dont really know how to use this blog thing but I would love to get responses! I celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday with my host sister and what hopefully seems to be my emerging group of dominican friends. Its pretty exciting to hang out with Dominicans because its hard to know who to trust. While this city took some time to adjust to, I am slowly learning my way around and with classes starting I am adjusting to the living mentality instead of the vacation mentality. The postcard like scenery of palm trees is easily deciving. I have to remind myself sometimes that I actually am here to study. But life, as the title implies, is crazy! Its so complelty spontaneous and I never know what sort of thing I could run into. I quite enjoy that and it certinly is a change from the rythem I am used to having. So for now things are great but a little overwhelming as classes and my internship get underway. Good luck to everyone starting classes and studying abroad