Archive - Digital Photo Fall 05 sec. 02

This is one of the pictures that I produced for the Night project. I wanted to emphasize the golden glow of the buildings on campus at night. While I orginally thought I was going to make more realistic photos, I decided to use a similar approach that I had used for the last project. I duplicated my image three times, rotated the duplicates, and then created a symmetrical, patterned picture. I then placed the image on a black background to emphasize the golden glow. This photo is more about pattern, light and color, and formal elements. While certain features of the building are recognizable (the orginal picture was of the library at night), the manipulation and combination of the images leaves the viewer confused and unsure of what he or she is looking at.

This is one of the photos that I took for our night project. It was just an experimental photo and I haven’t really edited it much, but I thought that it was interesting. I like the simplicity of the image., with the glowing church steeple juxtaposed against the pitch black sky. The actual glow was very intense, and the blurriness caused by the camera adds to the mysterious quality of the picture.

This is another image that I worked on for the space project. I once again played with the concept of symmetry, duplicating an original picture and then combining the different images together to create a new arrangement. This is a picture that I took of a mirror, so already the image itself was a manipulation of space, forcing the viewer to question what was real. I duplicated this image once and then combined the two resulting images. Then I made a mirror image of this new picture and added it to the bottom of the picture. Finally I rotated the entire image clockwise. The resulting image is an interesting play on what is real and what is manipulated. The image certainly does not seem real, yet there are certain recognizable elements in it that make the viewer think that it might be possible. In addition to this manipulation of space, I also like the geometric elements and symmetry in this picture, particularly in the center.

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