Colin D.

Here is a picture I took of a spider’s web that I found in the park in Carlisle that my prior two pictures have been from. It was on some vines that were growing off of a wall that i walked by as i was leaving the park. I highlited the reds and magentas in the picture so as to make sure that the spdier itself was very visible. I also gave the dark areas a heavier amount of black then the other areas so that the picture would have a more ominous feel without becoming too dark. I also highlited the whites on the “veins” of the leaves to make them stand out more, and, finally, I gave the spider’s web a slightly blue tint so that the picture itself wouldn’t feel quite as foggy as when the web was pure white.

Chaotic Tree

This is a picture from underneath a tree in the same park in Carlisle as “Crazy Balls” was taken in. I really wanted to highlight the tree itself and not focus as much on the green or yellow from the leaves and whiteness from the sunlight. To accomplish this I removed a majority of the green and yellows via the Color Balance layer adjustment feature, and made red slightly more dominant . I also slightly destaurated the whole picture so that the background colors would become even less noticeable but still slightly visible. The chaotic nature of the branches when combined with the simplicity of the main tree trunk rising off to nothingness I believe is the main strength of this picture and is why I choose to focus on those areas rather then focus on the leaves and sky in the background.

Crazy Balls

I took this picture in a park in Carlisle because I was drawn to these crazy looking balls that were hanging on this bush. The picture itself has been altered very little to accentuate the bright red of the “balls” and bring out the detail on the leaf pedals. I suppose this could be an order/chaos picture for our opposites project but i can’t really find the order in the picture (perhaps the single main “ball” is the order and all the “balls” on the ground is the chaos).