Trevor D.

This is a picture I used for the night project. I applied the cutout filter to the picture. I really like how it sort of made the picture abstract, but at the same time you can still tell what it is.

These were some of the pictures that I was going to use for the space project.

This is a picture of clouds, that I converted to black and white and then put 4 of them together.

This is a picture of a waterfall on a street in new york. I changed the pathway to what looked like outer space.

This is a picture on the street corner in miami, and I added my friends sitting on the couch in the middle of the street.

This is a picture that I took when my dad was driving. I thought it was interesting how everything was blurry except for what was in the mirror. I decided to invert everything but the mirror so that the image in the mirror was emphasized.

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