Timothy D.

For our assignment on space, i felt that the pictures from my recent road trip over fall pause would provide as unique components for this composition. As we drove north to Canada, we took turns driving, sleeping, and entertaining ourselves in the car. With people constantly being in different seats in the car and in different states of mind in their head, I felt that composing images that reflected the mood of the individual component pictures would provide as a great means to composing an overall image that is consistent while being composed with different techniques.

Road trip


I took this picture of my friend lighting a cigarette in a room that was lit by a black light because i found that the blue light given off by the black light provided a very interesting contrast against the lighter.

Tim DiPietro-walk

I took this initial image of my sandals aranged on the floor as if they were being walked in, so as to toy with the concept of missing matter. In photoshop I used hue/saturation to distort the colors surounding the sandals and enhance the colors in the sandal. I also used the ‘find edges’ stylize filter to bring out the edges of the straps and footbed. In addition, I used the fine settting in the patchwork filter to superimpose a similar texture to that of the rug, over the entire picture.