The first week flew by in a blank of an eye with #14 typhoon (which is really strong strong typhoon), and a Sat orientation….(can you imaginae yourself waking at 8 in the morning on a Sat?)….but so far so good….well, not THAT good…

To be honest, I dislike my host family…my host mother is the only one who does the work around and related to the house plus her own works…so she is one hell of a busy lady, therefore she does not have enough time for me and i guess, integrate me into the japanese culture…for the first few days, she really helped me a lot, like helping me getting the alien registration and the health insurance…but now, i asked her to go with to go open a bank account, she said shes too busy. when i asked her to go to the ward office with me, she said shes too busy…so, i have to do everything all by myself….taihan desu ne!! my host father just work, comes home, eat, watch tv, and go to sleep…my two host brothers, one is 6 the other is 14, are like opposites…the 6 year-old is super genki (energetic) and is super-spoiled by the mother and the other just sit in his room and watches tv…..the house itself is a big mess, toys are everywhere, newspapers are everythwere….MESSY!!! sigh….nan deshuo ka?

PLUS we’re going to be moving to a new house in three weeks….new area, new environment, everything starts from the beginning again for me…such as recognizing where to go, how to get to certain places, meet new neighbors, etc….

=( Jennifer san….