Hi, I’m Simone Brundisini and I just wanted to say(to Alex and Kathleen) that my Skype name is “brundisinisim1″! maybe is better if you first call me at home an after we use skype!try today or tomorrow or when you prefer!

Hi I’m Simone Brundisini
and I would like to talk about our trip in Milan!
Last wednesday me, my school mates and our two teachers went to Milan by bus.
We left Bologna at 8:15 am and the trip lasted about three hours. During this time
I enjoyed my school mates, as Mery or Martina or Laura.
When we arrived in Milan I was so excited because, even if I’ve already been there, it has been
different to be there whith your schoolmates whitch are also my friends! Infact if you visit some place with
someone that you like is always a beautiful experience!
Before we went to the “Teatro della Scala” we went to the “Rinascente” which is a huge famous shopping mall. We were very happy to see it. We stayed there about half an hour.
Then we went to Mc Donald’s and we ate. After the delicious icecream we went into the theatre!
Wow! It is amazing! Everything red and gold! I can’t explane this place…you must visit it!
The play was “L’HISTOIRE DE MANON”. This is a love story: a poor and beautiful girl falls in love with a poor man, but as she meets a rich man, she leaves the poor man because the other one gives her precious presents. It was a ballet! The artists were incredible…they didn’t look human!Their movements were amazing!
After the play we returned back home. Whe arrived at about 9:00 pm. I was very happy because I’ve seen such beautiful play and also because now I can say : “I’ve been to “Teatro della Scala”.

Ciao!(P.S. to Alexander S. and Katheleen O. that i can be availlable from Thursday to Sunday )

Hi! I’m Simone Brundisini… I’m one of the italian boys…i just wanted to say to my “corrispondents” that I’ll be available tomorrow(Sunday) afternoon about 6-7 o’clock pm.ok