Gaia ce

We have received your video and we are going to see it very soon…
Thank you very much to have sent us this tape! We think that it would be very interesting to watch it and to see the places where you spend your time everyday, and also to see how much our reality is different from yours!
Thank you again,

Let’s talk about Italian school…When the children are six years old, they start school.
They go the Elementary school for five years. In this school they learn basic English from the third year, but it’s a very simple English (they know animals, colours and some easy sentences). At the end of this school they have to pass an exam, that for us seems very simple, but when we were children, it was really difficult, we had to work hard, it was our first important experience.
After these 5 years, the chilrden attend middle school for three years.
At the end of that they have another exam, that is harder than the elementary one, and than they go to High School, the school that we’re attending now.
We have different kind of High Schools: one that is more “specialist” and that prepare you for the University, that is our kind of High School, and more techinc school, that specialize you in a kind of work.
We are attending our last years of high school.
We had a lot of interesting experiences during the years that we spent in Copernico, last year in November we went to Finland on exchange, and it was a very nice trip!
Last April we had a week in a laboratory, that is called Life Learning Center that was very interesting, and we learnt a lot about DNA.
We also went to the theatre very often, to see act of the most famous Italian writer like Pirandello, or Shakespeare drama or sometimes ballet…for example last wednesday we went to Milano to see a famous ballet at the theatre “La Scala”.
I think that we are very lucky because we do a lot of things and activities!!
That’s all, I hope that you find something interesting things in what I wrote! Bye bye!

I am one of the students that have to talk to you from Italy!
We’re having an English Lesson in the Computer Laboratory!
I live in a small town not far from Bologna, but I attend Liceo Copernico in Bologna!
I’m 18 years old, I have a twin brother that is called Simone, and my parents are Franco (my dad) e Fulvia (my mum).
We live in a nice house, with a pretty garden!
I have a cat, that I call Felpa.
That’s all, I don’t know what you would like to know about us, I’m really waiting for your emails!!And I hope that you are going to call very early!
Buona giornata a tutti!!