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In Italy children start school when they are six years old. They attend Elementary school for five years, and usually they’ve already started studying english. Until last year children after the fifth year had to pass an exam,but now with a new school law they don’t have any exam and they go to the Middle School.
Here the teenagers study math,italian,history,geography,physical education,literature,music,technical education and two foreign languages for three years. After the third year they have to pass a quite difficult exam,that is divided into 4 tests:italian,math,english,french and an horal test where they’re tested in all of subjects.After that teenagers have to take an important decision about their future. They have to decide the kind of high school they want to attend,because this choice will make a great influence on their future. You can choose between: “Liceo Classico” where you study litearatures,ancient languages,”Liceo Scientifico”like our school where you sudy scientific subjects,”Liceo Linguistico”where you can study a lot of languages,”Istituti tecnici”where you study technical and economical subjects and buisness and many different kinds.When you finish the fifth year you have to pass a very difficult exam called “Maturità”divided into 4 tests like the Middle School test. After these thirteen years of school you can finally choose your faculty in university if you want.
…this is our school system…

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