Lorenzo B and Giuseppe V give thanks to prof . Pagano for all.
Thanks for the newspeaper, for this interesting experience(we love the calling),for the probably trip in U.S.A. at the Dickinson college.
see you soon(probably in April!)

This a message for Alexis….If you don’t understand vry well my email address, I re-give it.
My email address is:
bye bye

Last year I and my class went in Finland for an exchange.
We spent all a week in a little city of the Finland; its name is Kajaani.
I stayed in a wonderfully family; the main sister gave me her bedroom to sleep.
The family was composed from parents an two sister, Taru and Satu.
The life in Finland was very different from us: in winter they have six only hours of light and they eat four or five times in a day. Their meals are shortly an different from us. They eat more fish.
A day I caught fishes with their grandfather in a ice lake. Another day I stay at the house of the really Saint Clause; he was a fat men with a white beard(like the snow!!!!). He asked what present did I want for Christmas…I answer that I wanted a car so he smiled.
Another day I spent in their house the “Independent day”; Her mother cooked for me typical foods, I like it so much.
But I really very much to do a sauna. I did it every day in their house, after it I did a cold shower (Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!).
It was a interesting experience….I don’t forget it!!!
Giuseppe S. Virgallito

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