I would like to tell something about my beautiful holiday in Finland.

My trip to Finland started on the 26th July and finished on the 31th (July.)
I had had such a wonderful time on my first trip that I couldn’t wait to see my friends again.
My mother who comes with me was as excited as me also because it was her first trip.
We arrived at the Kajaani airport at 8.30 pm. and there we found my friends Julia, Taru and Satu and their mum , waiting with open arms.
After hugs and kisses we had dinner together and then we took my mother to a beautiful hotél nearby. when we came back home we chatted until the wee hours of the morning.
The next day we went to see a beautiful landscape where there was an international competition of skijumpers. After we went to a special sport centre where we could swim, take a sauna, have a drink in a hot tab and have a Jaccuzzi massage.
Of course we tried absolutely everything and It was really fun!
In the evening we went to Julia’s house where we were treated like kings.
They showed us their beautiful house and I was particularly struck by the number of old photographs in all the rooms.
Julia’s parents explained to me that they weren’t really old but retouched by an antiquing technique.
Dinner was also very special with a typical Finnish menu prepared by Julia’s mum who is a really good cook.
My mother can’t speak English very well but she was very curious about the food so she tried to ask something…without success! it was really funny trying to explain to her with various translations: from Finnish, to English, to Italian!
After dinner we were entertained by a CD of Finnish folk music and Julia’s sister played for us on the piano and the accordian.
It was a fantastic evening!
The next day bright and early in the morning we drove to Kuopjio where we admired the view from ah high tower and where we also had lunch.
After lunch we visited the town, did some shopping and then came back for dinner.
On the 4th day, we took a day-trip to the family summer cottage, which is on a small island in a big lake.
The cottage is surrounded by a wood where we went picking blueberries and raspberries.
For lunch we ate salmon, fished and cooked by Taru and Satu’s father. Delicious!
After lunch we spent the afternoon swimming in the lake, and taking sauna, many times!
In the meantime their mum had prepared crepes with jam for our little break! She is so sweet!
Then we also took little visit to another lake called The Gold Lake, name for its spectacular gold reflections.
Each day was full of things to do and the 30th July was no exception.
After a visit to a protestant church and the Kajaani castle, we had a lunch of reindeer meat! My favourite!
In the afternoon we took take part in the annual traditional regatta, and I had the honour of driving the family boat, one of the oldest boat of Kajaani, totally built by the members of the family.
The last day I woke up feeling already a bit sad knowing that we would have to leave our friends.
Their hospitality had been so warm and wonderful. As a special parting gift they showed us their family album and shared many moments of their lives with us with their photographs.
I feel that this family is so close to me. Its almost as if it were my family so I wrote a little note thanking them for everything and I left it on the bed.
When we got to the airport it was really difficult saying goodbye, but we knew it wasn’t “addio” but “arrivederci”.

bye bye

Hello to everyone! I’m Valentina Ceccarelli, an italian girl.
I’m 18 and I live in a small town near Bologna. I study at Liceo Copernico.
I should talk to Megan Rafferty and Hilary Smith!
please girls, call me soon!
bye bye