Martina Z

We would like to thank Professor Pagano for giving us Dickinson’s newspapers and brochures. And we also want to thank you for the video about Dickinson that we haven’t seen yet but we’re waiting for. You were very kind with us and we hope our help will be useful for your students.
Martina , Luca, Stefano, Marilena

Last december our class go to Finland for a cultural exchange. We were hosted by finnish boys and girls in Kajaani a small town situated in central Finland.It was a great experience for each one of us because we learnt lots of things about their culture and traditions. We tasted most of every finnish typical food like elk,salmon and ginger bread, and we tried their typical sauna which they’ve got in their houses.It was christmas time and we’ve seen most of their christmas traditions,they make a gingerbread house decorated with candies and cream,it’s very nice,and they put over the window many lighted candlesSanta Village.My hosting family let me ride the motorslight on the ice lake,it was really exiting but also scary,I was afraid that the ice under the snow would have broken. During the week we spent one day in the Artic Polar Circle,and we visit the Rovaniemi Zoo where we found the polar bear and other kind of animals then we went to the Santa Village,where we met the real Santa and we took a picture with him (just for 16€) and bought some souvenirs. It was very cold, -25°C,but the landscape was amazing. The other days we visited some factories and museums, and did lot of shopping,because their shops are cheaper than ours. There we’ve learnt almost everything about their school system,that’s very similar to your college. We also joined a Diploma Celebration during the week. I think it was useful and amusing at the same time. I hope I’ll have similar experience in the future.I wish to exchange to United States would be a dream.

I’m Martina,an Italian student from Bologna. I’m attending Liceo Copernico in Bologna. I’m almost 18 years old. I live in a big house quite far from the downtown. I’ve got 3 sisters:Benedetta who’s my twin,Margherita who’s 15 years old,and Linda who’s 3 years old. I play basketball,and I like watching other sports on tv. I love travelling and I woluld like to go to NYC.