I’m Marco Sturniolo one of the italian students of Bologna.
I want to talk about the trip that me and my classmates have done last wednesday.
We went in Milano!
Milano is the second big city of Italy.It have almost 2 millions of abitants(It’s not much for you right?)and it is the centre of the italian economy.
We didn’t go in Milano to visit the city but we went at the theatre LA SCALA(it’s the most famous theatre of Italy).We saw a ballet called “L’HISTOIRE DE MANON”. It was very strange for me(Ihaven’t seen a ballet before)because I couldn’t understand what happened exactly in all the moments of the story (there was only music)but I could felt the emoctions and the toughts of the characters only looked the dance.
It was a good experience, first because I saw the most impotrant theatre of Italy and second, because before the ballet Me and my friends visited a lot of beautiful shops of Milano!
There was only a bad axpect…the ballet was long almost 3 hours!!!!!!!
If you will come in Italy go to visit the theatre LA SCALA!!!!!You trust me!!!!!!
ok….I have done what my teacher wanted:”write a good or bad experience that you have had during the school”…I hope that I haven’t done too much mistakes!!!

bye bye

Ho ascoltato la nostra conversazione…che strana voce che ho!!
I wrote this message because If Christina and Ted want call me I will be at home friday at 9:00 p.m.(in Italy) 3:00 p.m. (in Usa).
if the time is good for you..send me an e-mail(!!!!
thank you…
bye bye at all of you…

This is Marco again.
After your questions I want to talk about me Again…
My fauvorite team of soccer is Bologna F.C. It isn’t a very good team but it’s the soccer team of my city!
I think that there are a lot of good restaurants in Bologna. certamently the best restaurants are those that made pasta “a mano” we said(I don’t know that there is a similar english word)as “tortellini, lasagne and tortelloni”.
Near Bologna, there is a places called Amola where you can eat almost 200 differents types of pizza. I like very much pizza!!!
About my future…I don’t know what I will want do…I don’t know what university faculty I will attend!!! It’s more probably that I will attend the Bologna university.
Last summer I went to Koln in Germany. Where there were the world youth day. Other places that I visited are Barcellona in Spain(It’s beautiful!), Kajaani in Finland(for an exchange whit my school friends). Next year I hope to visit Usa!!

I study only english fortunatly because I’m not very good with the foreign languages!!
I haven’t a fauvorite type of music…I like Queen, Green day, Black eyed peas and some italian singer(Vasco Rossi, Ligabue…). Now I listen very much the song “Wake me up when september ends” of Green day but my fauvorite song are probably “We will rock you” of Queen.
And you? What can you talk me about you?
a big hello at all of you…
bye bye

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