At last we can see our American corrispondent!
This morning we had an amuzing conversation with Skype; it’s more interesting have a conversation and at the same time see who is speaking! But it is also strange, becouse you know that this person is on the other side of the world! I hope we can have another experience like this in the future.
A big hello from Federico

A big CIAO for everyone!!!
My name is Federico and I’m 18.
A live in San Lazzaro, a small city near Bologna.
It takes about 15 minutes from my house to Piazza Maggiore, so it is not very far!
This week I will go to a birthday’ s party and then I hope we will go to the disco! On sunday i’m going to the seaside, becouse I like very much go to the restaurant to eating fish.
I’m an only child and I don’t have any pet, but I like very much dogs. Unfortunatly I have never been in the United States, but I hope I’ll have the possibility to see it!
For what about the university i think I will remain in Bologna, becouse we have the best university in Italy. I think I’m going to do ….ops! I don’t know the word! excuse my English!…but it is something about engineering informatic(about computer).
I like all kind of music, in particular house music.But I also like the Coldplay very much.
I played football for ten years, but one years ago I start practice kung-fu; I like it very much but I have to train hard! I also like tennis and hockey.
My gym remains open for all the years (but not in august) but I went in holiday anyway! I spent two month in a small city near Ancona, Sirolo, wich is on the east coast of Italy. Then I went to Sicily for two weeks with Simone Quadretii: it was a beautiful experience, becouse we were in an house without parents and we could do what we want!
I don’t know what I am going to do when I’ll finish (I hope!!!)the school. Certainly I’ll go to the university and then…who still live will see (I don’t know the translation, I hope you understand).
Last answer: here in Bologna there are many discos, some are fantastic and some other less, but we try to go where there is good dj who play songs that we like.

I’m really happy that you have been in Bologna, and I wish you think we live in a beautiful town. Please tell me when you will come here becouse I think it can be a great think if we can talk a lot not only by phone!!

I don’t know if my phone now work well becous eI had a problem. On tuesday I will go to Simone Quadretti house to use his telephone, so you can phone me here (I said the same thing to Joanie Kwok). If you want you can check my phone next week (please, send me and e-mail befor!!)

(I hope my English teacher won’t see this past becouse of my English!!)
A big hello and a big kiss from Italy!!!!!