Simone Qu

Last year we had some Finnish guest at school
and at home . With this exchange I improved my
English and I learnt about people from an other
country. I think that it was a very good experience
because I met people from an other country and
because I do it with my friends .
I like this experience because ,before that finnish
teenager came in Italy ,we went to Finland and I
like very much this country . The only thing that I
didn’t like very much about Finland was temperature
(also -24°C!!).

I’m Simone and I attend Liceo Copernico in Bologna.
I’m 18 years old and my birthday is on 26th may. I live near Bologna.
I play in a football team and. I play football three times every week.
I have got two dogs and their names are Pippo and Chanel. I like travel
and this summer I went to New York and to an Italian island called