Last Wednesday I went to Milan with my classmates to see an important ballet at the theatre “La Scala”. I was very excited because I had never been in Milan.
We left from Bologna at 8 o’clock in the morning and we arrived in the big city of north Italy at 11 a.m. Before going to the theatre we visited the centre of Milan in particular the Duomo square (the principal square) and Vittorio Emanuele gallery.
The centre was huge and crowded and here there is also the famous balcony of TRL (a Mtv program).
The second is a gallery who is very famous in Europe because there are a lot of high fashion shops (very very expensive) like Gucci,Armani and Prada.
After a little walk we had lunch at Mc Donald’s and then at 2 p.m. we went to “La Scala”.
This building is very elegant and full of chandelier and statues.
There we saw the classic ballett and at 6 p.m. we took the pullman to Bologna.
We arrived home at 9 p.m.. We were very tired but also very happy to having seen Milan and the beautiful theatre “La Scala”.
By Riccardo