I’m Simone Romano, I’m 18 years old and I live in Bologna.
I love my city because I think that is perfect to live and feel happy, it isn’t very big but it isn’t also small, it has a beautiful center and I think that people who live in Bologna are very nice and freindly!
I live near the center with my father, Saro, my mother Luisa and my brother Alessandro that is 4 years younger than me, he is 14 years old.
I love soccer, and I play a team that is called Imolese.
In my free time I like watching sports in TV, listen to the music and go out with my friends. We go to the disco very often all togheter!
That’s all about my self!
I attend Liceo Copernico, this is my last year of high school.
During these years I had a lot of very interesting and nice experiences.
For example I spent one week in a laboratory, the Life Learning Center, where I studied very well DNA.
That’s all!
Bye bye