Hi!I’m Mary!
Last wednesday we went to Milan, one of the most important and rich of history city in our country. The most remarkable thing has been the dimension of this city: in fact, Bologna, my town, isn’t big…but Milan is really huge!
We visited the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele” (which links “Piazza del Duomo” with the famous theatre “Alla Scala” ) and “La Rinascente” (which is an immense shop full of beautiful things).
But anyway, we went there because we had to go to the theatre “Alla Scala” cause there was a ballet:”L’histoire de Manon”.
The theatre is really superlative and magnificent. There is an immense chandelier in the middle. The performance of the actors have been great! they really have the power to communicate the protagonists’emotions. For this travel, we have to thank our italian and physique education’s teachers wich came with us.

bye bye