Last wednesday we had a trip to Milan to the famous theatre “La Scala”.We had to see a show, a ballet, that afternoon there was a drammatic story,”Histoire de Manon”.
We arrived to Milan with the coach at eleven o’clock, we did a tour in the center of the city where we saw “Corso Vittorio Emanuele II”, a very famous street where there are a lot of beautyful shops; we saw the Duomo, a sort of church, it’s the symbol of Milan, and some other interesting things.
At two o’clock we arrived at the theatre. It’s wounderful, I couldn’t immagine it had been so spacious! Everything: windows, tables, chairs are like they’re made of gold, and in every wall there are a mirror. There are five floor, and a lot of “scale”.
At the centre of the theatre there is a big fixture, and when the light switchs off, the show can begin and the dancers tell us the histoiry of Manon with their movements,at the rhythm of the music…
It was the first time I went to the theatre,and at the begin it was quite difficult for me understand the story, but I can say it has been a beautyful experience, different from what I do normally in my free time.
Marco Briamo