1. Homer depicts his heroes in different ways. In terms of the Greek heroes (Agammemnon, Achilles) they are fighting for glory, pride and honor. Achilles is a fighter. He fights for himself because he was born a warrior. He doesn’t fight for the Greek’s. Agamemmnon is fighting for his pride. His wife was taken away from him and now he is fighting for his honor and glory.

For the Trojan heroes (mainly Hector), it shows him fighting for his country. He fights for Troy and the safety of his people and family. Homer depicts him as a hero in this sense because he puts the well-being of his country before himself. He depicts the true meaning of the word hero.

2. In terms of the female heroes in the Iliad, Andromache is portrayed in a way in which she truly cares for her husband Hector and her country as well. You can see the love that she has for him as well as for their family. She is worried about being widowed and wants this war with the Greeks to end.

With Helen on the other hand, it is hard to determine whether she is a hero or the problem. It is afterall the reason why there is a war between the Greeks and the Trojans. She does admit that she is the cause of the war.