Materiale da studiare per l’esame finale:

Lessico / volabulary

Parlare di abbigliamento e cose da mangiare
Parlare della televisione
Parlare del proprio corpo e della salute
Parlare di viaggi e vacanze
Parlare di sport

Strutture linguistiche / Linguistic Structures:

Aggettivi e pronomi possessivi
L’aggettivo e pronome “quello”
L’imperfetto indicativo e il passato prossimo
Il partitivo
Il trapassato indicativo
Il futuro semplice e composto
I pronomi oggetto diretto
I pronomi riflessivi
I pronomi oggetto indiretto
I pronomi riflessivi
I pronomi CI e NE
L’espressione ‘volerci”
Il verbo piacere
Il passato remoto (regolare)
Il condizionale presente e passato
Il congiuntivo presente e passato
La costruzione impersonale
I comparativi e i superlativi

I consulted with my colleague who teaches the other two sections of Italian 104, and I decided that selected material from Chapter 18 (Lezione Finale) will be included in the final, but only as extra credit. On Wednesday, we will concentrate on:

Congiuntivo imperfetto (imperfect subjunctive)
Pronomi relativi (relative pronouns)
Costruzione passiva (passive construction)

For Wednesday, complete the following exercises:

p. 501, d; 502, e, f
p. 504, g
505, h, i

On Wednesday, I will give you a review packet with exercises similar to the ones you will find in the final exam. We will go over them in class on Friday.

The speaking part of the exam will be based on a conversation with the instructor, based on two topics of your choice selected from the ones listed above (sport, television, health, vacations, food and clothing):

1. a visit to the doctor or dentist
2. going shopping for food and/or clothing
3. discussing TV programs
4. narrate an imaginary vacation
5. talk about sports with a friend

You will have to give me two scripts for your conversations and a list of vocabulary you have studied well. The conversation will be based on your script, but expect to improvise by using the vocabulary you have studied.

The listening portion of the exam will based on two topics from the list above.

Per venerdi, completare gli esercizi nel Workbook, pp. 239-46

Prepare a dialogue in which two friends (who root for opposite teams) comment on a soccer game they are watching on TV. Use the subjunctive to express opinions about the different players and teams, and make comparisons using the comparatives and superlatives. Use the expressions we learned in chapter 16, such as “segnare una rete, vincere, perdere, pareggiare,” etcetera. Write about a page. You may perform the dialogue either with a partner or with me. Your choice.

You will practice the dialogue in class on Friday, and you will perform it again on Monday during the exam.

If you have time, try to listen to the CD on chapter 16. It is available in Bosler 209.

Here is the chronicle of the game Milan vs Barcelona, which played on April 26, 2006. You may find some useful expression for your oral presentation:

Studiate pp. 479-88

Fate gli esercizi: p. 480, m; 482, o; 484, b; 485, d; 487, g, h; 488, i.

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