Luciano D.

According to Thucydides human nature is something that is wild and uncontrollable. This is a true assertion because one does not know what a person will do, that is one of the myseries of the world. Human nature thus must be controlled or else everything in its path will be destroyed. In Thucydides writing there a great war, the Pelopennesian War. This war took the lives of so many people and it destroyed so much. This is proof that human nature is uncontrollable and must be controlled. The two powers, Athens and Sparta were out of control and they destroyed so much.
This is where Thucydides can teach us. If people learn from these types of writings, conflicts can be avoided. The past can teach people much about the future and it can help us on taking the appropriate action.

There is a defintely a relationship between Thucydides writings and Homers epic poems. Homers epic poems arethe foundation on which Thucydies writes baout the Pelopennesian War. Many of the things that happened in the Trojan War are similar to the ocurrences in the Pelopennisian War. For example, the description Thucydies gives on the sepcific battles andthe specific speeches is exactly what Homer didin his poems. Also, the writings of Homer and Thucydides ar similar in more ways then Thucydides would like to admit. Thucydides says that poets embellish theirstories and that he writes in an accurate style. Thucydies said that he wrote things according to what he thought “the situation demanded.” This is exactly the same thing that Homer did. How does Thucydides know what thesituation demanded, how does he know what people would have said in a speech that for which he was not present. He does the same thing as Homer, he stretches the truth so people will read his writing. He may be more accurate than Homer on some points but, heis writing is basically the same as Homer’s poems. So, Thucydides writing is based on epic.

Odysseus can be attributed to a different formof heroism than Achilles. Odysseus shows heroism by the decisions he makes. His ability to say “no” and not always giving into pleasure and temptation. For example, when Odysseus is at Calypso’s island he is offered evrything he could ever dream of: immortality, a beautiful women and an eternal paradise. Odysseus refuses to give to these temptations by Calypso because he wants to go home and see his wife. This is true heroism, doing things that others would never do. Many men during Odysseus’ time, if they were given immortality and all the pleasure in the world they would never refuse such offers. That is why Odysseus is still a hero even though he is not like Achilles. Odysseus does not need to kill people and gain honor to be a Homeric hero. His choices make him a hero.
One interesting similarity between Agamemnon and Odysseus is their unique situations upon their arrival home. Both men had been away from their homeland for at least a decade and both were married with children. Unfortunately for Agamemnon, his wife Clymenstra killed him upon his return. This is significant because when Odysseus discovers this tragedy he has qualms about his the fidelity of own wife.
In my opinion there are no similarities of the hero status between Odysseus and Agamemnon. There are more similarities between Achilles and Agamemnon, one being their desire for honor by dominating on the battlefield.

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