Dori E.

In Choephori the reader sees how power corrupts. This can be seen with Clytemnestra who kills her husband in the name of power. It shows how a family that has everything is destroyed by jealously and greed. This is a good example of tragedy,which can be seen in many other examples in Greek Literature .

In the Odyssey you see how women are seen as bad and inferior to men. This can be seen with the nymph Calypso who does not want to let go of Odysseus even thou Odysseys wants to go home and the gods command her to let him go, from this you can infer that she is selfish, and questioning the gods about how they take their own spouses makes her look as one who is questioning authority, and authority is almost sacred in Greek Society. You can also see how women are viewed by looking at Odysseys wife Penelope who is always crying in her room. This makes women appear as selfish and vulnerable.

In the ILIAD the idea of honoring the dead can be seen. The reader sees the extent to which Priam goes to ransom the body of his son. The ILIAD portrays Achilles as the wise one again by heeding the wishes of the god’s and allowing Priam to take back his son. When Hector is taken back to Troy he is worshiped for several days. If Hector would not have been released by the Greeks misfortune would have struck them. Achilies did not want to release the body of Hector, but realized to achieve the ultimate goal of destroying Troy he would need the help of the gods. Again Achilies shows himself as a great strategist.