KathDan Spr06

Since Kate and I are never together at a computer that works (or has b keys that work) I’ve decided to branch out on my own so that our blog has more than just one entry. The protests in France are a topic that has now even reached the American news front. It’s hard to explain exactly what is going on because even the French do not always know. Basically the students are protesting a new law called the Contrat Premiere Annee, which gives employers the right to fire new employees without a reason for the first two years that they are with the company. This is an issue that affects a great number of the Student population, and in turn they are protesting in a variety of ways. Not only protesting in the streets, etc. But the biggest for of protest, and the one that affects me the most, is the barricading out our school. We are now in the 4th week of barricading and our University being closed. It’s worthwhile to explain that there are 4 main universities in Toulouse and classes at the Dickinson Center, and I believe that I am one of the only Dickinson students taking all of my classes at the barricaded university (since only one has been barricaded for 4 weeks). Therefore this is starting to become a problem. Dickinson has set up classes to help fill the void, but it is somewhat unsure of what will happen when we get back to the University. It is quite sure that I am expected to do more that just sit around and pass my days. We have a syllabus with suggested reading which is to help guide us in this time. It’s a more independent approach, but one similar to what I experienced in Germany. It only so happens that half the time our library is on strike too, which makes procuring the correct books difficult. Today is a national day for protesting this law, and hopefully, hopefully, tomorrow we can go back to school. I remain rather skeptical though.