Yesterday I went to a Unitarian congregation for the first time. I went becuase it was part of a requirement for an religion class. I found it to be very interesting. I did not know anything about Unitarian Universalists before I attened. When I left I felt very good about the expierence. I found the people to be very friendly, more so thanin any other religious expierence, but what struck me was the informalness of the whole expierence. I felt very welcomed by everyone there and I also learned a thing or two also. The service was almost like being in a history class. I leaned alot about womens sufferage, a subject that I have not learned about in a long time. Furthermore, during the service all the peoplethat were attending for the first time recieved information and free cookies in a bag. This too was a first for me. All in all I found this expierence to be very enlightening and something that I would look foward to doing again for educational purposes