Today I attended a service that was nothing like anything I had ever experienced before. About seven other students and I went to the Unitarian Universalist church in Boiling Springs. Being eased right into was nice due to the fact that Professor Cozort is a member and was there to greet us as we entered the door, although I feel as though it was a very comfortable atmosphere in general. There were very friendly members engaging us in conversation.
The service began at 10:30 am and the theme was “What Is The Value of One Vote?”, and discussed the importance of women’s right to vote, and it’s history. Personally, the service felt more like a good history lesson that a religious service and it seemed like a close knit community. The whole service was very nice and informal, and my favorite part was when they light candles in prayers of concern, joy or sorrow for others. I feel as though this is what religion should truly focus on, the people and things that are really important in a person’s life.
I think it’s nice how the children in the congragation get to stay for half of the service and are then taken to have a class or play time downstairs. This is benificial both for the children and the parents, in order to give the parents true alone time for reflection. Their kind gestures towards new people was very comforting. I think it is important for religious practices to have information to give and share with others, but it is also important that they do not push any beliefs on others. I enjoy how it had such a liberaql focus and really allows people to follow their own beliefs and religions. Overall, it was nice experience.