March 25, 2005
Essay: “Rock Concert”

Music has a great impact on our lives because it helps us to get out of the routine

that we face.

Yesterday Zaid, Mounia, Sanae and I went to a rock concert at the Depot near the

Kline Center. Zaid is our new friend from Iraq, he has just come and we wanted

to entertain him a little bit and have him enjoy at this beautiful and peaceful college.

So we thought that attending a music concert would serve what we wanted and

it did. Zaid was very happy and he enjoyed his time that evening but he felt sleepy

because he was still tired from traveling. We were also very happy for his joining us,

because we needed to have a boy in our group.

The rock concert was wonderful because the group performed well and the tunes

were wonderful. I liked it very much. I have been yearning to attend this

type of concert because what I like is the violin and the bagpipe. When they are played

together they give a very spiritual tunes that make me feel very happy. People were very

excited, some of them started dancing and singing at the same time, and some people

came with the traditional Scottish clothes like the skirts and special belts which were


On the whole it was a nice evening, we entertained ourselves a little bit and we

discussed some issues with Zaid , then we went back home to relax.

Essay: “To the City of Lights.”

They say that America is a melting pot because it is full of different kinds of

people. When I first came here to Dickinson College, I asked myself if this notion was

true or not because Carlisle is not a big city.

I always dreamed of seeing New York and its lights. Hopefully I would be lucky

enough to not only see it, but to engage the city too. This weekend I was invited by my

brother’s friend, who lives in New York City. I decided to go and discover this famous

city. I was excited and I did my best to have fun. First I took a cab from here to

Harrisburg, then took the bus to New York. It took me about seven hours to get there, I

arrived at 10 PM and I was very tired.

I could not believe myself when I got there. Everything was wonderful and

exciting. After a while I found my brother’s friend waiting for me outside the bus station

and he was very glad to see me. He took me from there to a wonderful place that I

had never imagined before. It was near Times Square, which I liked very much.

We sat in a very sophisticated restaurant and I drank orange juice to relax a little bit

from my trip. After that we went on a little tour of Times Square and to some

other places before going home. I met his wife, who is a wonderful woman. She was

very kind to me, and she made a Moroccan meal just for me. After finishing dinner they

took me outside again to show me some of their Moroccan friends that they live in New

York and we went to a very famous Moroccan restaurant that serves Moroccan dishes. I

spent the most beautiful days in this warm city and found that it was true America is
really a melting pot.

March 31, 2005
Essay: “The African Show”

Africa is one of the oldest continents in the world and has a very sophisticated

Culture. Most of people think its countries have no culture, no civilization and no values.

That is not true.

Being an African student, I joined with the other African students in an African

fashion show of clothing to show people a little bit about African culture and our daily

life. We can not deny that there are differences between many African countries in but

still the background is almost the same. The show was very good and most of the people

liked it. They enjoyed the African food that was delicious and spicy. First of all, they

performed a sketch about African baptism and they tried to show how the African people

respect their parents and the elders, trying also to set the African values and beliefs. The

group performed well and people could not stop laughing because it was so funny.

Dinner started and everyone was yearning to try the delicious African food. People

enjoyed the food very much and there was no food left for us, but it was not a problem

because what was important was the pleasure of the guests. This is also one of the

important African values, giving much care and attention to guests since they from our

hospitability. Later on, there was the show, each one of us wore traditional clothes and

started to go one by one till we finished the show.

At the end of the show Lauren Brown who works at the Stern Center was awarded

an African present because of her efforts toward the African students. She was wearing

an African gown, and she was really very cute.

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