A past Friday night I attended my first Jewish service. I attended the Hillel service because I knew I would feel comfortable there due to the fact that some of my friends were attending as well. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable and welcoming everyone was. I had only been to one synagogue before and that was for my friend’s Bat Mitzvah and I feel I wasn’t old enough to understand the experience as much as I do now. I’m Catholic so the service was very different for me. The prayers have such different meanings to each person. I also liked how the congregation incorporates discussion with everything they do.
I am planning on going back to another service and possibly particpate more and talk more with other members of the congregation so I can better understand some of the Jewish customs and other things that go on in a Friday night service. I have to admit I will be more comfortable in mass tonight, but the Jewish service wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.