On Sunday I also attended the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House in Boiling Springs. I must say, the service really was not what I was expecting, even though I did not know anything about this religion anyway. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming and we even received bags with cookies and info on the religion because it was our first visit. The “sermon” was about the value of voting, specifically women’s votes. It was interesting, but actually felt more like a history lesson. It was fun to here the choir sing and I liked when the kids came up and started a song before they left for their own service. It was clear that there is a very tight-knit family-like religious community feel to this religion.

I left feeling a bit confused about what the religion is really based and founded on and what the beliefs are. In the back of the songbook were a lot of prayers and some were taken from the Bible. It had prayers about God, even taken from the New Testament, but the entire service had nothing about God or any higher power. We were told that the religion takes aspects of a lot of different religions and aspects of society and brings it all together. It was an interesting service and I’m glad I went so I could experience a totally different kind of religion, but it did leave me with a lot of questions about their beliefs.