Essay# 2
March 24, 2005

“My Attendance at a Celtic Rock Band”

There is a big difference between something that you hear, and something that you attend yourself. I believe that being present at a show is much more interesting than hearing about it from others. What I realized from my attendance at a Celtic concert is that it is hard to put the music, the show and the ambiance of the audience into words.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 8:00 pm, I went with my friends to the Depot to attend a concert titled “Enter the Haggis: Celtic-rock band returns to campus.” The performance was alive. The music played was from Enter the Haggis’ latest CD “Casualties of Retail,” and there were St. Patrick’s Day-themed refreshments. I, actually, enjoyed the music so much. It was pretty good and impressive that everybody felt excited about it.

The performers were talented and they played melodious tunes. One of them was Irish, and he was wearing a kilt. That seemed funny at first, but when I learned that it was a part of his culture, I really did appreciate it . There were also delicious pies and green drinks, symbolizing St. Patrick’s Day. I liked the show, so I took some snapshot photos of the scene while they were performing as a souvenir.

When I met my friend Karen, she was so excited to hear about the show since she could not attend. I tried to describe the show for her, and I used all the words I had, but though, it would have been better and more exciting for her to attend.

March 30, 2005

“My Special Days: First Participation on a Show”

Being in a foreign country makes one feel nostalgic since everything around is different. As I am homesick to my native country Morocco, I search for every chance to present my identity and to show my culture.

I recently became a member of the African club at Dickinson College, I participated in a modeling show to present my home country’s traditional clothes. The show took place at the Depot a 6:00 pm. Well, since I and my friends were models, we went at 5:30 pm to the Depot to prepare ourselves for the show. The African Club intended to present all African traditional clothes. The performance was unique and everybody liked it. The show began with African music and some of the members were dancing. Their music and dance were different, and they used their body language to dance. Then African food was offered. There was fish, couscous and rice. Some of the members club acted a scene that was about African traditional baptism. That was interesting; I did not know some of these things about southern African culture. We had the opportunity to represent the Moroccan traditional clothes. I wore Kaftan and Jabador with babush. My friend Kaoutar did not want to participate. Mounia wore two different kind of Jellaba. There were many
models who presented different kinds of African clothes. All the clothes were beautiful and attractive. The performance lasted two hours.

It was one of several unforgettable days that I have spent at Dickinson College. This day will be a special memory.

The Basketball Game
20 February 2005

“The Enthusiastic Basketball Match”

Recently I had the chance to attend a live American basketball game for the first time in
my life .

The basketball game took place at The Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State University in
State College. The game between Illinois and the Nittany Lion Penn State team was full of
enthusiasm and excitement, and the stadium was full as well. What I remember most is that I
was really astonished by the beautiful lights and the wide stadium with a smooth floor on
which a group of dancers had presented a show before the game began. The dancers wore
uniforms and danced smoothly and harmoniously. Before the game began, the American
National Anthem was sung and then the two teams entered the stadium. Each team wore
unique colored clothes. The Penn State team wore white t-shirts, and the Illinois team wore
orange t-shirts. Most of each team’s spectators wore the same colors as their team so as to encourage them. There was also someone supporting Penn State who wore a lion suit and moved near the audience. Everybody was happy when the teams entered. Though I do not know the rules of basketball, I interestedly followed the game. As each goal was scored, everybody screamed and shouted.

I believe that basketball is enthusiastic, so I have decided to learn its rules. Frankly, I will
never forget this match because it is the first of its kind that I have ever attended, but it will
not be the last.

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