For my first visit to a religious site I decided to attend the Asbell Center. This was my first encounter of the Jewish religion of any type. I had no idea of what to expect out of this upon going to the service. To my surprise, the people there were very welcoming to me and the other students that were doing the same thing I was. The atmosphere was very laid back, and at ease. There were candles that were lit at the beginning of the service to get things going along with a prayer. After things got under way it was noticed that there were many students in observance of the service and the people of the Asbell Center did everything they could have done to make everyone feel as if they were in their own place of worship. This was a very comforting feeling. Most of the readings that followed were in Hebrew, which made it a little hard to understand, but it was still very interesting. The story from the Torah was very interesting. I liked how the service was very interactive with the peoples of the congregation. Overall, I enjoyed the service and thought that it was very interesting to see another religion and how it worked in regular services. I was skeptical going into the experience, but I am glad that I went and got to experience the Jewish faith.