IBM Spring 2006

This is my last journal for my internship. It has been a very enjoyable experience, and I have learned alot about how to lead a group of people. This internship has definitely made me a better leader and team player, I it has renewed my interest in the game of lacrosse. I will miss the coaching aspect once I am done, and hopefully I can do a similar experience in the future when I have more time on my hands.

This week, we only had one game, versus Hershey. Our team dominated the entire game, winning 12-1. Hershey scored their one and only goal of the game with 4 seconds left. We really outhustled our opponent, winning everything from faceoffs, to groundballs, to shots on goal. It was a great win that took our team to 10-1-1. There are only a couple of games remaining left in the season, starting with a tournament tomorrow at Spring Grove. The main part of the season is over, with our team coming out on top of all the JV teams in the conference. Again, the success that we achieved this season made this experience even more enjoyable to me and the other coaches.

I believe my experience at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts has given me the opportunity to see how every aspect of nonprofit organization is managed and structured. From our weekly class topics my focus of nonprofits shifted every week. In the past I have focused on accountability and marketing while this week I was finally able to meet the Executive Board and observe their relationships. By being asked to lunch following the meeting I sat with the Whitaker Staff and the Whitaker’s Executive Director hearing each individual’s opinion on the success or disappointment in the meeting. Successes included the enthusiasm shown by the board members for the upcoming KiteFest Fundraiser Gala. Also the opinions existed that the board members would inspire donors through their word of mouth and dedication to the organization. Disappointment was obvious in the case of one presenter who was nervous and rushed through their portion of the presentation. This was not a Whitaker Staff member which placed a little relief on the situation. I observed that the Staff wants their organization promoted in a professional way but not with a stuffy overtone, they want enthusiasm. Therefore, demonstrating the values of the organization is expected to extend from the Board.

Every week, I check my e-mail at work and I am always a little anxious to discover whether anybody has contacted me back. Not to my suprise, i get about a dozen emails but almost all of them are Morgan Stanley related “junk mail”. My deleted folder is filled with emails discussing new hirees and how these individuals will make “our” firm stronger in the pursuit of Wealth Management. These messages include internal communications in regard to restructuring and divisional upgrades. I can watch interviews and discussions with the CEO/CFO and Global Wealth Managers through the media player. I get plenty of emails from Van Kampen, a Global distribution partner for Morgan Stanley, about new portfolio options, opportunities, and Unit Trust Upgrades. I’m naturally curious what is written, but I usally get lost in the technical terms. To people such as Orlando, these emails overfill his inbox and he has to sort through them all while finding his more important messages from clients. I can’t imagine he has time to read them all. Some days he doesn’t check his email and jokingly dreads checking his account the next day. I talked with Amy abou this and she reads through hers but a for a senior financial consultant, like Orlando, they subscribe also to several journals and business groups. So he receives hundreds every day. Amy says he just quickly scrolls down the list and picks out the emails to read. Maybe its simplier than it appears, but just trying to manage hundreds of emails a week is crazy.

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