Well time has run out on my internship and I won’t lie I am happy. The work was worthwhile and I learned a great deal, however, I definitely do not want to enter into the computer industry.

On Tuesday, I ended up my assignments and had my last day. All I did was organize my work together and finished up a couple of loose paperwork. Most of the stuff I created “will get published” but throughout the past nine weeks I have come to not believe that phrase.

Thursday was “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” so my boss brought in his seven year old daughter. I got to hang out and draw with her so it was a very relaxing day. I also did the usual bank and OfficeMax run. (I have become friends with the check out lady since OfficeMax is my new home!) I also organized the last of the screen shots in order for me to present next week to one of my bosses. I am sad to leave this company because it is a very relaxed enviornment and we have alot of fun. But it is time to leave and move on.

This past week I started the wrap-up process of ending my internship. Next week will be my last day on Tuesday because I am finishing up the website which was my big project. I will continue on for two more weeks on Thursdays because I started my final project and it will take more then one week to complete it.

Tuesday I created two surveys that will be sent out to potential clients as well as old clients. These two different papers were different because the focus of the questions were two diffent subjects. For the potential clients we wanted to ask them questions to make them realize how much time they could save if they used our computer services. The surveys to the old clients was more of an evaluation on customer service, the products, etc.

Because my boss was on vacation two weeks ago I had to work on Wednesday as well as Thursday. I started my final project which consists of me taking screen shots of the different sections of the computer applications to be posted online. I have already taken around 50 and look to improve that number. It was kind of dissapointing knowing that in my final three weeks of work I only just learned about the computer applications. I wish I had gotten a chance to learn more about the application earlier this semester rather than finding out now.

Again, this week was short because my Thursday boss went on vacation so I only had to work on Tuesday. Next week I will work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to catch up so this entry will be short.

I got frustrated on Tuesday because my boss couldn’t explain to me what he wanted done. He had me create a marketing brochure but was very vague about what the contents should be. I kept going in and showing him what I created and while he liked it he wanted more. But he couldn’t speak directly and kept talking in circles causing my head to spin. It was hard because I didn’t like that I couldn’t create something right away that would please him. It took me all five hours to complete a two pge brochure because we couldn’t communicate properly. Its also frustrating knowing that the brochure will most likely not be published because I have created things in the past that “were going to be published” and never were.

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