Every week, I check my e-mail at work and I am always a little anxious to discover whether anybody has contacted me back. Not to my suprise, i get about a dozen emails but almost all of them are Morgan Stanley related “junk mail”. My deleted folder is filled with emails discussing new hirees and how these individuals will make “our” firm stronger in the pursuit of Wealth Management. These messages include internal communications in regard to restructuring and divisional upgrades. I can watch interviews and discussions with the CEO/CFO and Global Wealth Managers through the media player. I get plenty of emails from Van Kampen, a Global distribution partner for Morgan Stanley, about new portfolio options, opportunities, and Unit Trust Upgrades. I’m naturally curious what is written, but I usally get lost in the technical terms. To people such as Orlando, these emails overfill his inbox and he has to sort through them all while finding his more important messages from clients. I can’t imagine he has time to read them all. Some days he doesn’t check his email and jokingly dreads checking his account the next day. I talked with Amy abou this and she reads through hers but a for a senior financial consultant, like Orlando, they subscribe also to several journals and business groups. So he receives hundreds every day. Amy says he just quickly scrolls down the list and picks out the emails to read. Maybe its simplier than it appears, but just trying to manage hundreds of emails a week is crazy.

Well, it has been some time since my last entry. Much has been going on but nothing to much has changed to my job duties. I believe I can sum up the last couple of weeks in this journal entry because my job is very routine and boring. Anyhow, I have continued calling people and updating my database. I still can’t send out any faxes but Orlando has been showing much more attention to this conference now. He has appologized for not getting far enough with the original planning so we can send requested information about the conference to interested people. He’s been making calls to confirm his guest speakers for the conference. My guess now is that whoever is the intern this summer will use the contact lists and do follow-up calls with people who I had left messages with and with those who expressed interest. So far i’ve made about 500 calls to separate organizations. Its not that much but now I have finally completed contacting everybody in Maryland. Luckly, my Delaware spreadsheet only has a fraction of that amount. With only a few weeks left i will just make the last calls and offer Orlando a complete and up-to-date database that he can use for the summer.

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Merril Lynch. Orlando has been talking with people on the phone about it. Apparently Merril Lynch has been spying on Morgan Stanley in regards to its operations and financial services. But the issue doesn’t seem to be to serious, I think Orlando finds it alittle flattering.

Last week I was in my office and someone, i think a young college student, meet with Orlando asking for employment or summer work. It was really striking to watch this guy speak and how he handled himself infront of Orlando. Now, Orlando isn’t a very big or striking guy, but hes very confident in himself which can be intimidating enough. It was almost a moment of reflection and looking back at myself only a few months ago. After when he left, I walked to Orlando’s office and asked if we all look that nervous in the beginning. He laughed because he has seen the positive change in confidence with me some and he wondered if after a few months how this new guy could change after a few months. Orlando reminded me that this business is tough and one has to be alittle aggressive and if people can’t evolve to the practice, they fail at this line of work.
I look forward to completing my time at this firm. It hasen’t been very academically stimulating internship but it did offer me a view into this industry.

Today was different. Instead of calling people I reviewed old conference powerpoint slides. Reading about portfolio diversification, keys to successful investing, investing in emerging markets, and investment policy statements. I’m trying to learn about the material, looking at charts and graphs, and figuring out how to evalutate and understand the information. Much of it I don’t know, but its really interesting. I volunteered to file documents and help Orlando get organized. Since i was moving around the office, this gave me the chance to talk with Orlando about my upcoming interview on Friday. So I used my time today asking Orlando and Mike, the branch VP, about what to expect, how I should respond to certain questions about salary, and what I want to get out of this job. It was good. I got to compare Thrivent Financial with Morgan Stanley. Speaking with Mike is always intimidating, but its moments like those to show if you can stand your ground, look straight in the eye and ask follow up questions. And thats what i did. But his answers were vague. Naturally, Orlando was more helpful. He proposed that I should consider working with Morgan Stanley. I wasn’t expected such an offer, but Orlando believes i’ve got the skills and work ethic to be successful with this company. I said that I wasn’t sure it never really crossed my mind. It always seemeed out of my recruitment area and competition league. Orlando didn’t think so, because people who want to become financial advisors come from many different academic backgrounds. What is key is one’s ability to negotiate with customers, be knowledgeable, and commit a lot of time for the first 3 years. People who do well in this business want to make money, both for oneself and the company, but its important that its done honorably, morally, and legally.

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