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Ugh, well the comp at work doesn’t have an ISB hole (oh so technical of me) and my blogs are all on my MP3 so this will have to suffice until next week.

This week as been ridiculous. Let me recap:

Monday Gao (our advisor) calls me over to her house because she’s gotta tell me something. I had a sinking feeling that it was about my host family. I’ve been getting some seriously bad vibes from them these days. Anywho, I walk in and she asks what do I think could be wrong. After seeing that I had had a stressful weekend and a stressful Monday and was about to shed some ‘i’m stressed out stop asking me stupid questions’ tears so dropped the bomb. My family wanted me to move out, tomorrow. OK I asked why. Seems like a valid question to me. This is the array of answers all of us Dickinson kids got from Gao:

1. (To me) Zhao de Wei was angry that you always made him pay.
2. (To me) Your room was messy.
3. (To me) You messed things up with Shi Yan (Host mom’s nephew whom apparently I was supposed to marry)
4. (To me) You had a 40 kuai phone bill calling the States.
5. (To Pete) Her room was smelly.
6. (To Pete) She had a phone bill.
7. (To Kristina) She wracked up hundreds of kuai using the phone to call the States.
8. (To Kristina) She kept food in her room and it made it smell like food.

Get my gist? I too have no clue what happened. My response to keeping food in my room is that if they had allowed me to use the kitchen, this would not have been a problem.

So now, i’m hooked up in an appartment right next door to Gao. It was where Kim lived for a bit before she moved in with her boyfriend. There’s noone there besides on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the family comes home to eat with Kim and her boyfriend. Everyday a woman comes in to clean and wash my clothes. I’m thinking now, why didn’t they kick me out earlier?!?

I’m standing firm to the believe that I didn’t do an damn thing wrong. I used a phone card everytime I called, there’s not a single person in the world that can tell me who to marry, my room was surprisingly clean for my standards, I was extremely respective every second of every day, and I never once asked that guy to pay. For the first time this semester, I am truly very happy with my living situation.

Yesterday was an amazing day. Had 6 hours of class (Ew..), then waited around Shaoyuan for Ronnie’s friend to maybe show up, and when that didn’t happen I headed home. I got home around 4 and called Stef. She’s supposed to be at my place at 530pm. She’s on her way so everything is going well. Then the phone rings. I’m in my room doing work but I’m expecting another phone call so I rush out to the living room and pick up the phone. It was someone speaking Chinese. I don’t even try to understand Chinese on the phone anymore so I said, hold on a sec and handed the phone to Gramps for some translation. The guy had hung up. Turns out it was Shi Yan (my Chinese boyfriend, remember), and he was outside our door and wanted us to unlock it for him. Gramps rushes out, but he’s not there. Now I’m laughing because of the little Chinese mix up. He had originally asked me to just open the door, I said hold on a sec, and he thinks I get what he’s saying. So when he calls back a third time, we all figure out that he’s in the building next door to ours. Ayi is all concerned that somehow I screwed it all up (course, blame the foreigner). So Shi Yan gets there and I ask him to help me do a problem out of the Chinese book because I can’t get it for the life of me. It ends up with him and Ting Ting both stumped. That was funny.

Stef calls from a taxi so Gramps can give directions to the driver. I rush out to the complex gate so I can get her. She seemed a bit nervous, especially after realizing she may have forgotten her cigs. On the elevator up I explained who’s who and told her not to worry. She did great. Everyone really liked her. Mom’s brother was saying things like ‘the English are more attractive than the Americans’, blah blah. That guy is always picking on me! Then Ayi made us speak in English to each other so she could try to figure out the accent difference. Obviously everyone liked her accent better. Thankfully, after a few minutes of goodhearted abuse, Zhao Dewei called from the road and told us to go down. We walk out of the complex to the cop car waiting down there for us. That was pretty funny, all the guards and some people on the street were wondering what blondie and I were doing willingly stepping into a government vehicle.

Zhao Dewei is just a really nice guy: very patient with language mix-ups and teaching us words he uses that we don’t know, very funny, and very nice. So we get to the spa and split up into genders just like last time. All the girls remembered me so that was fun. We showered and hopped into the steam room. Stef was just sitting there saying, I can’t believe this, it’s all so surreal. She spent a bit trying to figure out Zhao, his motive or intention in treating us to the spa. I’ve tried many a time and have given up, she too gave it a rest after a while and enjoyed the experience. Steam room, skin scrub and milk/honey bath later, we joined Zhao downstairs for a bite to eat. By a ‘bite’ I mean, steak, fish, salad, fruit salad, fries, mystery meat, fried noodles, random veggies and other little dishes and beer. Stef, being the English lady she is, can drink like a fish. It was great because she was out drinking all of them and could still go. More than once she took one for the team. We sat there for maybe 3 or 4 hours, talking, eating and drinking. Zhao just got the biggest kick out of Stef and she did wonderfully. I can’t imagine anyone from here that would have handled them self better in that situation than she did. After dinner went over to the little couches and got massaged. Wonderful as always. Stef wants to take him out with her Hong Kong cop-friend this weekend while he is in town. We plan on an early dinner Sunday.

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