April 30, 2005
Essay II

Day of Diversity

It is wonderful to spend time with innocent, cute, and sincere children. Yesterday, was the first time I was in a middle school in the United States. I went to the Lamberton school with my friends Sanaa, Kaoutar, and Zaid. Bryan, our instructor, drove us from the Quarry at 7:45 am to the school. We went to the school as volunteers and participants at a day of diversity which was organized by the school and parents to help students know more about different countries and cultures.
When we arrived at the school we found the organizer waiting for us. Everything was well organized. There were many people and teachers helping organize the different activities that were prepared for the children. There were special rooms devoted for our presentations. I shared a large room with Kaoutar. She chose to teach students how to write their names in Arabic, while I and Sanaa chose to show our power point presentations about Morocco and explain the slides. Zaid had a separate room where he showed his presentation about his home country, Iraq.
While in the room, every fifteen minutes we received a group of about 15 to 25 students. After that they moved to the other stations which included Iraq and The United Arab Emirate. The students got passports to fill at each station with small stamps that symbolized the flag of each country they visited. It was really a good idea to organize the work of the day and gave it an order.
We started at 8:15am. I was so happy that everything was going all right. Moreover, I felt that I was doing something interesting and new for the students. They were so exited and keen on learning about other countries. Furthermore, the children were polite that they asked questions in a respectful manner. At 11:30 am we had a break during which we had our lunch. We had vegetarian food, we also had couscous and baklawa. We then carried out our presentations until it was 2:00 pm. By that time the activities of the day were all covered. We went out and shared a few moments with all the people who participated at the day of diversity before living to campus.
By the end of all the activities I was very tired. However, I was so happy because I felt that I did something good. Bryan drove us back to the campus. There was nothing to do the rest of the day, so we had an opportunity to sleep and relax. But before I slept, I called my mum and told her about my perfect day.

March 24, 2005
Week’s event I
Japanese Movie “Resurrection”

Most of the Japanese films that I have already watched were films of violence.

This isn’t true of all Japanese films. Yesterday, I saw a fictional, romantic film. The

movie was subtitled in English so I could understand it. It started at 7:30 and lasted about

two and a half hours. There weren’t many people in attendance, only me, my friend

Sanae and seven other people.

The title of the movie was “Resurrection.” It reflects an imaginary story about

dead people who start returning back to the small Japanese town of Aso. It is an amazing

story that raises the curiosity of people and of government. Mr.Kawada, a government

official,is dispatched to uncover the truth. His first name is Hietta. He was born and

raised in Aso, but left years ago. Hietta returns back to his town on a mission to unveil

the truth.

Hietta is a young handsome man; he is tall, thin, and black-haired. At the

beginning of the film he can not believe that dead people are coming to life again. His

friend Aoi, who died in an accident, returns to life too. He is happy to see her because he

loves her. Before she died, Aoi had no idea that Hietta loved her, so she suffered a lot

because she loved him too. However, he decides to tell her about his love at the last

moment before going back the world of the dead.

Not only does Aoi who comes back to life, but many other people. Among them

are an orphan young boy who died because he caught very bad cold. He used to love

study and hoped to be a teacher before he died, so when he comes back to life he realizes

his goal.

Also a mute woman who died while giving birth to her child returns to life after twenty

years. Therefore, she meets her daughter who has become a sign language teacher.

Inspector Hietta carries out his investigation with the help of many assistants

and scientists. He then discovers that there is a big hole in the forest near the town of Aso.

The hole is very close to the graves of the people returning to life. However, the dead

are warned that they will re-die all at the same moment.

Hietta is told by a young boy who is one of the resurrected people. Therefore, he

struggles to meet Aoi so he can tell her about his love for her before she dies again.

During their struggle to meet each other there is a sweet-voiced singer who sings

wonderful songs with very catching tunes.

Hietta and Aoi meet in a tragic scene. Each of the knows that these are

their last moments together. Hietta reveals his love to her but it is too late. She

vanishes before he can even embrace her.

What I liked most in this movie is that it is respectful and that there were no

indecent scenes. Moreover, I liked the meaningful songs and their tunes are so

catching. Furthermore, I met a teacher of Japanese who invited

me to attend her Japanese movie classes. It was really a nice opportunity to meet her so it

will not be the last time I watch a Japanese movie.

March 25, 2005
Week’s event

About the “Swallowtail Butterfly”

Again I had the opportunity to watch a Japanese movie, but this time it is totally

different from the one I watched before. I went with my friend to the Stern

Center where Mrs. Winston shows a Japanese movie every Thursday. Mrs. Winston

invited us to attend the movies and I found it a good idea. The title of the

movie is “Swallowtail Butterfly.” Initially I didn’t understand what the

relationship between the title of the movie and its story was, but I did after I watched the


The “Swallowtail Butterfly” is a movie about Chinese immigrants in Japan. The

movie gives an idea about how these immigrants try to improve their living. Also, the

movie sheds the light on the problems they face since they are illegal immigrants and are

always threatened by the police. The main characters of the movie are Glico, Ageha, and


Glico is a young girl aged twenty two years old. She is an illegal immigrant living in the

Yen Town. It is a poor place for homeless people and illegal immigrants. Her

name refers to a type of a Japanese car because when she first arrives at Japan with her

brother, the only Japanese names they know are names of cars. Glico is a whore who

receives men to earn her living. Once she arrives at Japan she lose her brother.

Ageha is a young girl aged about sixteen years old. She lives also in the Yen Town.

She works with Glico in a small restaurant whose boss is an illegal immigrant too. He is

the lover of Glico. Sudo is a gangster who visits Glico frequently. The last time he visited

her he swallowed an important tape of a song. In fact , the tape contains vital

information about how to forge money. Sudo tries to rape Ageha and so in an act to

defend her, Glico killed him. The three tried to bury him during the night to hide their

crime. However, they discover that he swallowed a tape of the song My Way. Then

they discover that it was their way toward wealth and fame. The three produce as

much money as they can and then move to changai where they bought a large club.

Glico becomes a very famous singer and her nickname becomes Swallowtail Butterfly. It

is because she has butterfly tattoo on her chest.

The three start to face many problems when the Japanese mafia tries to find the

tape. Therefore, Glico’s lover is killed in an attack by the mafia members. Glico’s

bother Toyota is one of the mafia members who is also looking for the tape. He

investigates untill he finds out that Glico, the famous singer is his sister and that

she has the tape. The tape is returned to Toyota, while Glico and Ageha decide to

return to the poor neighborhood where they lived before poor but peaceful.

The movie is violent and contains many indecent scenes. Still it reflects the reality

of the Chinese immigrants and their way of trying to improve their life. . It was quite

long but interesting.

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